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In Memory

David Hollies

David Hollies

David passed away on September 24, 2010. If you have an obituary for David (or can write one up) or a link to a memorial website, please click on "Contact Us" and we'll post that information here.

Here is a website of some of David's own writings.

~ Link above courtesy of Betsy Hahn


Here is a blog of remembrance written by a friend of David's.

~Blog URL above courtesy of Manny Fu.



David (left) at our 25th class reunion in 2002


David in an undated photo

David taking a break (from the 1976 Windup)

~Photos courtesy of Manny Fu

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01/28/12 06:44 PM #1    

Stephen Schwartz

A brief memory:

David and I were among a gaggle of about 20-30 8th graders at North Bethesda Jr High who participated in an exchange with a school in Edinburgh, Scotland in the late spring of the school year (I think it was 1972). We had host families that had kids our age so we all spent quite a bit of time socially as a troupe of Scottish and American adolescents getting to know one another. In those pre-internet, relatively limited international travel days, people from other nations and cultures were a mystery and we all were heavily laden with our preconceived notions about each other's societies.

Anyway, at that time, David of course had the long straight hair for which he was known for much of his youth, and he wore a decorated headband to keep it in place. He also was quite full of energy and seemed pretty "wild" to our hosts. And what I remember is that many of our hosts always referred to him as "Indian" because of the headband and the "wildness," which seemed funny to those of us from the States because between his fair skin and blond locks, he was (at least externally) about as far from Native American as one could possibly be.

02/02/12 02:30 PM #2    

Tom Haser

What a terrific story about Scotland. I went to NB as well but don't quite remember that. What a great opportunity.

David grew up on Singleton Drive in Bethesda, just up at the end of the street I grew up on. So he was one of the WJ classmates I knew pretty much my entire life. His 'wildness' was developed at a very early age -- I was a witness to that. It was sad to see him struggle with various challenges later in life, and sadder still that he took his own life. Cheers to you, David.

08/17/12 10:26 AM #3    

Lisa Maduro (Fenstermacher)

I will miss David. We used to email from time to time and I am sorry I wasn't able to make all of his holiday parties. I did make some of them in past years. I am forever grateful to David for his friendship over the years. I remember hanging out at the Hollie's during the later 70's with close friends. David always had such a gift of hospitality.  Many memories I will cherish. I liked his matter of fact way of communicating and I will cherish those memories. Lisa

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