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Our Team

Our website is developed by our classmates.  Some of our contributors are listed below. If you would like to join our team, please click on Contact Us and let us know how you'd like to help. You don't need any special technical skills, just a desire to participate.

Feel free to contact any of our team members below.  You can do so by clicking on their name or picture and then clicking on the link that says 'Send Private Message'.

Joe Baum

Joe's primary focus is planning social events. If you are interested in helping plan a social event that connects our class members or just want to share some of your ideas, please contact Joe.

Manny (Emanuel) Fu

Manny wears many hats on our team. He works with Joe on planning social events. He has provided many of the photos in our Past Event Photos gallery. Manny has helped tracked down obituaries and photos of numerous deceased classmates. Manny coordinates our class Facebook group as well. 

Betsy Hahn

***Betsy passed away on May 14, 2017. Please visit our In Memory page for details. Betsy focused on locating classmates and encouraging them to join WJ1977.com. She also provided a variety of content to our site.

Tom Haser

Tom's primary focus is the technical implementation of WJ1977.com. He is always looking for ideas to improve our site, so if you have a great idea please contact Tom and let him know.

Kim LaVie (Roberts)

Kim works on special projects to make our site more fun and inviting. She has done a lot of scanning of photos and other information for WJ1977.com.


Donna Brimmer (Thewes)

Donna works with Betsy in encouraging classmates to join WJ1977.com. She also makes sure classmates feel welcome once they have joined our site.